World Region

4.EPIDEMIOLOGIA Data epidemiologists of the World-wide Organization of the Health (OMS) they esteem that the histolytica Entamoeba cause approximately 100 a thousand deaths per year, infectando 500 million people in everybody. It observes that it has different behavior in the diverse points of the country, with a prevalence that varies of 5,6 40% (Wedge et al., 1991), showing to differences between cepas of the histolytica Entamoeba in its pathogenicity and virulence. In Brazil, studies epidemiologists have demonstrated that the prevalence indices as the sintomatologia of amebase has great diversity, varying of region for region. Of ample universal distribution, it occurs more frequently in tropical areas. The clinical manifestations vary since abdominal pain clica type with or without diarria (intestinais forms), until serious cases of localization extra-intestinal, as for example the amebiana necrosis of the liver. They predominate however, the light and assintomticas intestinais forms. The geographic distribution is ample. The prevalence and the morbidade vary with the conditions climatic, partner-economic and hygienical-sanitary of the studied region.

5.MEDIDAS PROPHYLACTIC For the difficulty of control, diagnosis and treatment, represents a serious problem of public health of expressive doctor-social, reflected relevance of the state of the poverty of the population. Therefore, measured in all the levels they must be adopted in the Prophylaxis of amebase, therefore it is treated to a common protozorio, and high morbi-mortality, mainly in children. Thus being, such measures the main measures are: Measures of basic sanitation: adequate destination to the dejections and drinking waters use for consumption. Treatment of the sick people and assintomticos carriers, responsible erasers of cysts and greaters for the dissemination of the parasatism. Sanitary education to clarify on laudering of hortalias, laudering of the hands (before the meals and after use the bathroom), to cover foods (to prevent the contact with flies), not to use excrements human beings as organic seasoning in plantations and possibility of I infect sexual (LION, 1997).