Winter Olympics State

We are not responsible for emotions, but what we do with the emotions.Jorge Bucay wasted much time, in not paying attention on the important thing is to know how to handle our energies, our capabilities which have bequeathed us to appear in this dimension, be attentive and surprise us, we stay than as authentic and […]

The Collective

These new formularizations of the collective memories that are elements of the new society contemporary leads to an immediate history where the media appears as new conductor of this new order. In this context as Silverstone (2005) the media is onipresente and is essential element of the life contemporary, where the human being not dimensiona […]

History Rescue

I begin it Sarlo in accordance with (2007), history gained in this trajectory romantescos contours, to the few was gaining the space academic what he propitiated a metodolgico reordenamento. Verbal history if became object of conservation of the souvenir and repairing of the identity. To put the conflicts between history and memory if has evidenced […]