Live Healthy

Who wouldn’t want to live many years filled with health, peace, force and prosperity? In the present circumstances of humanity, living on this planet called Earth, and inhabiting a wonderful but fragile, body wear of the same and the consequent deterioration of our health and strength are an inexorable reality in time. By the way, […]

What To Bring As A Gift From Lithuania ?

Lithuania – the largest of the Baltic countries. Many of its cities have preserved the spirit of the European Middle Ages. Narrow cobbled streets, historic buildings, mansions, churches. This country loves visitors and does much to their stay was comfortable. Numerous cafes, amusement parks allow you to rest and gain strength. It does not matter, […]

Laborer One

Its profession was to kill, Damio nor knows exactly as it started. The colonel orders, it kills. He does not know how many already he killed, Damio does not know to count beyond five, and still thus for the fingers. Neither he interests to know to it. He does not have hatred of nobody, never […]

History Rescue

I begin it Sarlo in accordance with (2007), history gained in this trajectory romantescos contours, to the few was gaining the space academic what he propitiated a metodolgico reordenamento. Verbal history if became object of conservation of the souvenir and repairing of the identity. To put the conflicts between history and memory if has evidenced […]

The Buddha

Since the first semester of the master’s degree, I started to understand the different ways of acting and thinking of human beings, I got more tolerant and compassionate, I could recognize in every human being to a being worthy of respect, compassion and love; and most importantly recognized in each, to a divine being that […]


The life of most people is crowded things: material things, things to do, things to think about. It’s a life similar to the history of humanity, which Winston Churchill defined saying, one damn thing after another. Their minds are crowded thoughts that happen one after the other without stopping. This is the dimension of the […]