Rob McLallen

How big is the management team of Bluenose capital management who are, the heads of the team and what are their professional background? Titus C. locks? Bluenose capital management is one of the two founders Joe Natoli and Rob McLallen. Both are experienced managers. Joe Natoli with a focus on trading of S & P […]

Percent Companies

Even highly profitable medium-sized wrong often perplexed by the credit departments of banks. For medium-sized companies, it is much too often sad reality in Germany: the local businesses to flourish, to develop excellent sales and there is no lack of new customers. High time to think for example in the expansion or modernization of production […]

Engage Personnel

Unemployment is one of the main problems in all the country, even first of all. The numbers are terrible and we watch in the sector that we watch is nothing no good that for emphasizing. It is certain that during the summer in some like in the use the hotel trade, its hiring has increased, […]