In the nursery the basis for an optimum fattening and slaughter body performance for pigs for fattening. To feed the piglets in the farrowing optimally, the WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH the easy feeder “developed, which is available now. With this mobile, smooth feeding machines, hand feeding in the farrowing area is straightforward and gentle […]

Timing – The Hour Of Decision

Only those who know the ideal setting time, can achieve the highest profit. There is not a panacea: the timing depends on the product and the target group and now intensive market analysis ahead. A few months ago the University of Bonn and RWTH Aachen University published an eBay study with relatively trivial result: who […]

ORTHOLUXE Supports Heart Work

Jenny Jurgens turns Dusseldorf at ORTHOLUXE MEDICAL CARE the project heart plant Dusseldorf Ergopraktik company engaged for the heart plant project. The Dusseldorf-based ORTHOLUXE medical care company, which is responsible for the sales of the patented physio sleep sleep system in Germany, currently supports the heart plant project. Through the Dusseldorf centertv presenter Angela Julie […]