What he has been assigned of the second clinic of Lacan or then, the clinic of we borromeanos’ ‘ (P. 2), it makes with that these clinical examples have classification without the necessity to look the categories of great reputation, as borderline, narcsica neurosis, etc. the second clinic benefits ‘ ‘ the sinthomatizadas modalities of […]

Eliminating Obesity

If these thinking about beginning a diet to eliminate your obesity, try to read the following article that spoke of the moments and situations that you must avoid in order that your diet does not transform into a complete failure the obesity have many causes, some of them are you disorder of feeding, social boredom, […]

The Flour

For saberquando the oil it is in the certain temperature, it places a palito of fsforodentro of the pan and as soon as to ascend is ready. Dedentro of the pan removes the palito and places some cookies to fry. Not enchademais the pan, therefore the cookies can grudar. It makes for stages. Quandoos cookies […]