ORTHOLUXE Supports Heart Work

Jenny Jurgens turns Dusseldorf at ORTHOLUXE MEDICAL CARE the project heart plant Dusseldorf Ergopraktik company engaged for the heart plant project. The Dusseldorf-based ORTHOLUXE medical care company, which is responsible for the sales of the patented physio sleep sleep system in Germany, currently supports the heart plant project. Through the Dusseldorf centertv presenter Angela Julie […]

World Region

4.EPIDEMIOLOGIA Data epidemiologists of the World-wide Organization of the Health (OMS) they esteem that the histolytica Entamoeba cause approximately 100 a thousand deaths per year, infectando 500 million people in everybody. It observes that it has different behavior in the diverse points of the country, with a prevalence that varies of 5,6 40% (Wedge et […]

The Busy

In this direction, the author citadoacima, understands that the world meets organized in subespaos articuladosdentro of a global logic. Due to increasing regional specialization, with osinmeros flows of all the types, intensities and directions have of saying of circuitosespaciais of produo14 and not more regional decircuitos of production. It is what the related author calls […]

Anything Needs

A common herpes may appear on your hands if it is that they have had contact with the virus. Since the virus herpes simplex type I to type II herpes simplex can be found forming the characteristic Herpes lesions. The symptoms are the same as for a common herpes, but must be careful if these […]

Survive Separation

Recently, I was an invited guest in the program "works of life." Theme of the program – "How to survive the separation." The program was a lot of talk about who is harder to tolerate separation – men or women, how to tell the child about that the parents separate, how can we explain the […]

Gynocological Treatments

More recently, laparoscopy has given rise to a real revolution in gynecology. This is not surprising, because in addition to such advantages as minimal trauma and a short rehabilitation period, a laparoscopy has such advantages as an accurate and clear diagnosis, and most importantly – during laparoscopy preserved bodies which, when abdominal operations can not […]