Read More Quickly

It is then when you start to think of fast reading. Read faster is a necessity and an obligation even if you want to get the maximum benefit from their hours of reading. To read faster, one of the first steps to be given, is break habits acquired from childhood, that negatively affect your reading […]

Charles Nodier

For Charles Nodier, the psychological problem of the onrico flight is centered in the questioning of that the sonhador man if compares with the aerostats. This implies in the acceptance of rationalization of the dream and, not in the onrica sphere. ' ' Why the man who never dreamed that he cleaves the space on […]

Give Light

It would want to give light, but I cannot! The term to manage to give light, begins after the duration of the luteous phase, or 14 days after the ovulation. There is an alternative form to know the period the ovulation, that is based on the method of basal corporal temperature (that is to say, […]

Philosophy Samba

We waited the full house and therefore we treat to arrive early to prevent the undesirable dispute of armchairs with people impolite. Which what! An almost empty auditorium applauded and vibrated with the old and good sambista Carlinhos Jackstay, owner of an incredible vitality, that sang and counted histories on the homaged one, with which […]

Gluten Free Food on Airlines

Since mid of this month Aerolineas Argentinas began offering in cabotage routes tourist class and regional, a catering free of gluten (Gluten Free Meal) on those flights more than one hour and a half of duration and service from January 15 implement it on flights of more than one hour, covering practically all destinations within […]

Gomila Tiana

The application of soils of high security and resistance in the kitchen of Ferran Adria have opted for safety. A place with so much mobility of people, good sauces, excellent wines and innovative ideas, is not exempt from falls and slips that can be extremely dangerous. Therefore, have chosen for your lab from Barcelona where […]

Inhabited Island

The film's director Inhabited Island: Fyodor Bondarchuk Film released: Russia Running time: 2:00:00 Translation: Redundant roles in the film The Inhabited Island: Vasily Stepanov, Julia Snigir, Petr Fedorov, Alexei Serebryakov, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Gosha Kutsenko, Sergei Garmash, Anna Mikhalkov, Andrei Merzlikin Sergei Barkovsky The story: Pilot Group Search Free travel through the universe. The main character, […]