Health of sneezing Teodulo Lopez Melendez responses seem to outputs of demagoguery, conventionalisms and mediocrity. The facts are answered with phrases of occasion, with repetitions of a nonexistent past with criteria menguados by the devaluation of the desire to think. Analysis capacity seems deposited in an old trunk and fragrant to naphthalene. Answers from obsolete parameters or intending to ingratiate himself or from the dark side that the old politics treasured and treasured as a supreme value: who can march towards power, who is likely to rule tomorrow, who get an undeserved gratitude. I have said many times that the first obligation is to call things by their name. For example, in the case of universities is not supported that the suspension of the enactment is not more than a simple elementary tactical reflection: If the situation is overheated come to a cooling, if overheating looks unnecessary and conflicting come to take a step back. No more.

To the universities I remembered from a long time ago that the best way to avoid making one revolution is making it oneself and that they should call for reform, but universities all focused on money, explanations of its flaws were in lack of budget and thus ran to star in made from second, as that they not attended them or that the Minister be hid or that waiting for the fly was the GN. Universities expect facts of first, what I outlined by saying that while the houses of study called for money the country called for lights. In this particular example the official intention of putting hand to universities is obvious. When Chavez says that you delivery to the new President of the National Assembly guide the debate on what kind of University the country wants, it must be understood that we will enter into a process of internal turmoil, some concessions and the maintenance of the basic and fundamental lines of the project delayed for tactical reasons.

Last Modified on May 6, 2015
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