Normal Childbirth

That one idealized by all politically correct celebrity and of all romantic and sonhadora mother. That one that of ‘ ‘ normal’ ‘ it does not have nothing. I speak of the subject with property, therefore I had two good experiences in this subject that had given the right to publish my opinion. At that time I did not give to idealize very, only wise person who of some form the baby would have that to be born and half the most economic one he would be ‘ ‘ childbirth normal.’ ‘ BINGO! In the first gestation I gave luck, it worked with sales, it walked the day all, he was with the body in form, the baby was not so great, I had an excellent dilatao and was playing that ‘ ‘ I gave luz’ ‘ a boy of 2.720 kg, but without leaving to promise that it would be the last time, therefore pains had been horrible. But, passed six years, these you celebrate phrases already had fallen in the esquecimento and I had another gestation.

I decided then, that it would make a cesria with laqueadura and it would lock up history. Ok! Applauses! Then I started the prenatal one, with a contrary doctor to this practical. during as many months of consultation, it convincing was me that optimum it would be again the normal childbirth, that had little impact for the child. If I already had had a childbirth so ‘ ‘ fcil’ ‘ , reason to display my son to an unnecessary anesthesia that would delay its consequences. I convinced, then, that the normal childbirth was optimum.

BETTER FOR WHO? For the public agency that would pay the account of the cesria? Or for the conscience of the husband who could not pay particular, or for the ray break that it, for etc. and such. I there was I stop the maternity, to gain ‘ ‘ normal’ ‘ , my girl of 3.550 kg. Necessary to count how much time lasted the childbirth? How many ‘ ‘ foras’ ‘ I had that to make? How many shouts to give? How many ‘ ‘ pontos’ ‘ I had that to lead? How many meters of intestine had left together with the placenta? Still well that it does not need to answer. It would like to have read my chronicle at that time, would have more conscience of this option. I adore romantismo, story of fairies, but we go to use them in other subjects that are not for speaking of childbirth. Because we know that after the first contraction, the majority of the romantic normal childbirths finishes in cesria.

Last Modified on December 26, 2013
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