In Health Do Not There Are Discounts

Health is something so valuable and unfortunately it is not within the reach of everyone. Several pharmacies in Lima still suggests OTC medicines (which do not need recipe) or healthy products, natural products, beauty products very slightly without taking into account the economic conditions or for the patient’s health. Remember that only a qualified physician can prescribe drugs, hopefully not that technical pharmacists recommend us such or which medication since that doesn’t guarantee us the cure and sometimes even aggravates the problem. We, the consumers, have much of the blame for accepting these superficial suggestions fueled by better promotions or discounts on drugs. In what refers to products for personal care also should take responsibility because many vendors recommend beauty products without considering, for example, the type of skin of the client. Now that there are so many products we are not surprising since we could lose money on a product that is not suitable for us or to health. Take care of yourself and buy informed. Original author and source of the article