Feline Nutrition

Recent scientific studies conducted by Royal Canin have revealed that after a few days, cats are able to 'recognize' it instinctively the composition of a food according to their needs, and prefer, between different foods, which contain macronutrient profile best suited to their energy requirements. Macronutrients are the nutritional elements that provide most of the metabolic energy necessary for the organism, ie, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The study, conducted by the prestigious Royal Canin food brand, reveals that the rate at which these nutrients are part of a food has a direct connection with the election by a compound cat food or other, whether they may contain ingredients or even the same caloric intake. The keys to the development of this new concept are gastrointestinal tolerance and palatability. These findings are closely associated with the latter, which is a reference concept which serves to assess the greater or lesser appeal of food for the animal. Thus, a macronutrient profile appropriate to the specific physiological needs of each cat based on age, weight, lifestyle, etc., Provide a high palatability, improve their nutrition and hence their welfare. A food with a macronutrient profile as not only motivate a satisfactory intake by the cat, but ensure optimal nutrition to the specific needs of each cat.

The results of these studies, coupled with high quality raw materials and experience in health nutrition, Royal Canin, have resulted in a unique innovation in cat food, new pieces in sauce Feline Health Nutrition range . Each of the new wet food that provides specific care in taste and health supplement their usual dry food. Available in six different varieties (puppies, light, hair care, etc.) That will instinctively irresistible food for your cat. For more information about the new chips in salsa, visit s