Benefits Of Comfortable Beds

Something about the beds is a widely known phrase: "In the dream, we spend a third of my life!". From the comfort of sleep depends very much: our performance, mood and health. Despite this, many people prefer (the old) buy a sofa bed. Why deny yourself the most convenient and important part of the bedroom – the bed. Bed – a fundamental of any bedroom, in our time, many manage to put a bed in the living room, performing function of the bedroom. The most important thing is to choose a bed that would match the tastes of the owners and their needs. Whence came the bed? Evolution of the bed is well known that at the dawn of civilization, all men slept together or groups.

Firstly, due to the fact that the heating did not exist, and secondly – believed to emerge at night to the spirits and demons, and frighten them could only noise (baby crying, snoring, etc.). Then slept on the ground, lay a her skins, grass, tree branches. With the advent of homes, everything changed. As they got separate rooms for sleeping. This happened about 5000 years ago in Sumer. A place to sleep was a significant elevation relative to the ground, it was very tough and narrow.

On such couch sleeping all know – the Egyptians, Assyrians, Sumerians. Patrician bed described above asceticism was not the soul of pampered by the ancient Romans. I appreciated the patrician luxury and comfort, their life was measured with all the comforts and excesses.