The Streets

For it … Donald Sussman will undoubtedly add to your understanding. is of the school, in this uncertain world of the streets, if they produce ' ' others prticas' ' that they threaten to disorganize this pertaining to school order. Educate yourself with thoughts from Donald Sussman. Perhaps because these practical are not of are, but if they insert in the institutions and, when making it, they produce noise, in some cases emudecem the actors. (CABEZUDO, 2004, P. 34). In the agreement of Becker (2004), the reality, however, does not respect limits. Everything what cause happens in the society impact, greater or minor, in the structure and the functioning of the school; it does not import the time that it delays to admit this.

Pepper (2004, P. 177) she says in them of the transformation of the school of an ample form, that is, it affirms that … the necessary school to be transformed with certainty, in its form of management, the form to organize the process of education and learning. It needs to be transformed, therefore, in its space and its time, in its relations with the community, it she needs to be transformed into its proper insertion in the education system. One says that the schools need to be independent, but as it is that it is constructed and if this autonomy works? We need to leave many of our certezas on as to teach and as to learn, to start to think on as if it transforms the school into a formation space that I would call cultural, because if he cannot open hand of the necessity of children and young to be alfabetizados. What it today means to be alfabetizado, in this world where we live? We perceive, thus, that what is suggested is to transform the pertaining to school environment into a formation space and, so that this happens, first, we need to think about terms of ' ' to change escolas' ' later ' ' the system escolar' '.