Didactic History

We analyze two collections, one adopted in the cities of Cedar of Are Joo (IF) and Japoat (IF), to other suggested by our person who orientates so that we could make a comparative analysis between the collections that already are being used in the cities in guideline and another one that is for being adopted. We perceive that history is very little boarded during the presentation of the subjects and we suggest the authors whom in its next workmanships they use plus this excellent tool for the learning that is the History of the Mathematics. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: history of the mathematics, didactics, learning, books. 1 INTRODUCTION. To speak of the History of the Mathematics we need first to show as the education of the Mathematics is being presented for the alunado one.

Of certain form some authors write that the Mathematics is boarded of descontextualizada form, what comes making it difficult the learning of a great fan of the students of our country. The Mathematical Education, together with the History of the Mathematics comes conquering its spaces in the national academic scope. Leaving the great space it research and thus to introduce in basic and average education, providing to the professors plus a didactic resource in its lessons.