January Painter

Vanya Belaga builds castles in the air on cloud 7…Bilderausstellung, concert and anecdote reading with family top Bouchon in the “Gallery triad” in Hannoversch Munden Hannoversch Munden, November 29, 2009. Carola Heider-Leporale. “Vanya Belaga builds castles in the air on cloud 7 …so was on Sunday morning the motto of the opening opening of its […]

Songs Of Lemuria – Footprints On The Moon

By null on place three of the Hey music listener charts Michaela Laubach in the vocals, Corinna Sollner on piano, Michael Krayer cello: the project is called “Songs of Lemuria”, the recent album “Deep” and the latest single “Footprints on the Moon”. The single newly recorded by producer Jorg Sieghart “Footprints on the Moon” specifically […]