The exposition of Vigotsky is complemented with Piaget in the social sense that it gives the mediation, since for Vigotsky the mediation can be of the near adult or of surpassed companion more or even of the material, that introduces to the apprentice to the zone of next development and, it reaches when it, already […]

The Trainer

In a corral it must of having a single rooster, since if there is more, the hens walk revolts too much, and that never is good for the colectivity. To a trainer with the sufficient personality and capacity of direction, the pulse at the time of taking certain disciplinary measures never shakes to him, when […]

Good Nutrients

This will maintain a supplying consistent of food and nutrients. So that a man increases his mass muscular, its protein ingestion would have to be of around 1-1. 2 grams of proteins by pound of corporal weight, every day. 2 Duer to me well. A sufficient rest and a recovery, frequently, are ignored and neglected, […]