Absolution Celebration

A cheers on the new journeymen a worthy frame for a celebration of absolution. Now, seven former trainees were absolved in the private brewery Bolten in Korschenbroich. And Gambrinus, who took over this task in the oldest beer brewery in the world as a patron saint of Brewers personally. Niels Otter leg from Velbert, was honored especially vintage’s best by Jurgen Witt, Managing Director of the brewery Association NRW. It was especially gratifying that all trainees have made the winter testing. You are now real brewers and Maltsters”, which welcomed the new ladies and gentlemen as Gambrinus dressed Chairman of the Audit Committee.

Brauer, you must always”, so Brewer Oliver Landsberger next. We make people happy. Our Guild is a large intact family. And that makes a lot of fun.” During their three-year training period, Niels Otter leg, Jan Vissmann and Kerstin Legge had lot of fun. For the three best of the year’s Winter testing there was a prize promised by the brewery Association NRW.

With their performance, you have made something special and a personal victory. And that all can be rightly proud,”said Jurgen Witt at the certificate handover. “Great pleasure of course when Niels Otter leg, who was educated at the Dortmunder Actien Brauerei: that I walk out of here as the best of the vintage, was not planned”, laughs the 23 year-old Velberter. Now, he wants to work a few years as a journeyman and eventually make his master brewer. Preferably I would work sometime in a brewery.” On the edge of the absolution celebration Oliver Landsberger made it clear that the reform of the training regulations for brewers and Maltsters had long proven. Our job came on the bench. It was seriously discussed whether brewers and Maltsters have a future. Since we had to be simple. I got the ball rolling. We have ensured that the trainees as well as the arts of the Brewing learn something about measuring and control technology as well as maintenance and dispensing equipment. And this is a real milestone for our profession.” As medium-sized brewery the beer emphasizes Bolten very much a qualified training of young people. We are currently 30 employees and employees”, says Michael Hollmann, Managing Director of the brewery, that comes to an annual output of more than 50,000 hectolitres, and Board member of the North Rhine-Westphalian brewery Association. Our trainees are usually taken after passing the exam. Because we need highly trained new recruits. The revision of the education regulation has helped certainly, that the Brewers and Maltsters have become now technical all-rounder.”