Long Term Language Courses

Not attracted academic year in New York, San Diego and San Francisco for several months abroad to learn a language – who this idea? The United States offered very good language for such long term! In addition to the English language learn a fascinating country and the American way of life! To learn a foreign […]

The Success PROTORING Method

Guarantees constant evolution in behavior, thinking, talking and acting! In this development process, engage the biological maturity, individual learning and socialization in complex ways. This process is embedded in the development of the following mental functions: body language, capable of expression, emotion and motivation. The psychologist Klaus-Peter Dreykorn brings success method this zeitgeist-oriented capabilities in […]

Media Management Study In October? Apply Now!

The new winter semester begins on October 4th. Still is the possibility to apply for a media management study in the short term. Professional media are the media management studies at the BiTS: the Bachelor communication and media management provides business and technical knowledge as well as creative and social skills. It provides a sound […]

Make Money Fast At Work

Almost every German would like to now-days fast and best much money at work! The fast buck… Almost everyone wants cash now-days fast earn just for young people this is a topical issue. But none of it is at all possible so fast to get that rich wonders. On the Internet you will find many […]

Absolution Celebration

A cheers on the new journeymen a worthy frame for a celebration of absolution. Now, seven former trainees were absolved in the private brewery Bolten in Korschenbroich. And Gambrinus, who took over this task in the oldest beer brewery in the world as a patron saint of Brewers personally. Niels Otter leg from Velbert, was […]