Handwriting of a true master. In this case, the model itself looks great. For its production take a square sheet of heavyweight matte paper. After the first fold rear side of the leaf becomes invisible, so the cross color does not matter. 1. Place a sheet of paper back-up so that her party, which later become foreign, were invited to the table surface. Fold in half, corner to corner.

Fold it again, combining sharp corners together. Now a piece of paper folded in four. Put it as shown in the photo, the main horizontal folds up, and two free angles downward. 2. Take one, the top double layer of paper and bend its angle to the right. 3. Repeat step 2 on the reverse side. 4.

Peel back one of the bottom, just angle formed before crossing it with the top edge of the model. 5. Expand the crease made by the internal feedback folds of the valve, making this time a permanent crease and tough. 6. Repeat step 5 on the reverse side of the model. 7. Bend the enclosed angle model to the left, down. The angle it does not matter much, but in any If you must remain a small right-angled triangle, protruding from beneath the left edge of the model. This triangle is soon to become head of your dove. 8. Expand the fold, resulting in an operation in July, and by internal feedback folds enclose area between the outer layers of paper. 9. Take one layer of paper from the right side of the model, and bend it up, turning the valve to a position that has a wing this bird during flight. Fold at the same time forms a kind of hinge for the wing and at the same time close to the body of a dove. 10. Repeat Step 9 on the other side of the model. Now lift the triangle on the right side of the model (tail pigeon), making it tough for the crease along the edge of the wing. Lift the tail of the future at a right angle to the model. 11. Squeeze raised during Step 10 tail and give him the right – a diamond – shape. 12. Make a fold on the convex upper half of the diamond-shaped tail behind the wing folds. Once again, trim the tail – it must be symmetrical.

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