Healing Stones Can Help With Problems During Pregnancy

For many couples, the desire to become pregnant, very big. Some couples need to become pregnant, take a lot of trouble and effort to accomplish, without anything happening. The chance of becoming pregnant, is in the brief period of ovulation, since this is the fertile period of woman. This “fertile days” can be calculated easily. Approximately 12 to 16 days before the first Periodentag ovulation takes place between 11 and 15 Day is a 28-day menstrual cycle the best time of fertilization. But the woman and their bodies are not machines, so that the Berrechnung is only one assist. Of course, the woman’s age plays a significant role. Thus, for example, a twenty-year-about 10 ovulations per year, a 40-year-old compared with about only 5th In other words, a successful fertilization is still dependent on whether ovulation actually takes place. If the woman would become pregnant should, in any case, a woman doctor or a gynecologist they attend during the entire pregnancy. For itThe health of the child and the expectant mother. For during pregnancy symptoms can also occur, which may begin on the morning feeling unwell or with more severe problems continues. Throughout the pregnancy through the doctor or the doctor routine ultrasound examinations and screening. The first ultrasound examination is possible from the eighth week of pregnancy. The pregnant woman should take in case of complaints or discomfort by no means a self-treatment because certain medications during pregnancy should not be taken. In addition to the usual remedies and healing stones can be used.