Teresa Montoro

Central receptionist. It is characterized by a nosy person, as it always has the ear set and learns everything, but is much loved in the hospital. She is married to Manolo character that has never been seen in the series, and has several sons who give a lot of headaches. It becomes a grandmother at the end of the eleventh season of the fourteenth and early separated from her husband, but returned shortly thereafter. It is a good friend of Esther and Maca, godmother of her wedding and confidant of both, though at first has trouble taking his homosexuality and see it as a couple more. Previously, she was also a great friend of Elisa. From the thirteenth season, which he joined as assistant reception Agatha’s niece, Alicia, and gossip shared many moments in the series, scenes that used Rustie also star. At the end of this thirteenth stage her husband, who has early retirement, he asks her to do the same, but Teresa has doubts.Finally making the decision to apply for leave in the hospital, returning a year after having just separated from her husband, who returns after a short time and even renew their wedding vows. In the fifteenth season starts work at the hospital his sister Manuela, a nurse by profession. Not speak for years because Teresa took the boyfriend (Manolo, now husband of Teresa) Manuela, but eventually reconciled. In the next stage suffers appendicitis in a hijacked bus, operated and is a time of low, so it does not appear in several chapters, being replaced by Aurora. He hoped that there will be a reconciliation between Maca and Esther, despite the impediment posed by the latter’s relationship with Bea. Guille hosts at his home after learning that he lives in the hospital. They will have their pluses and minuses, but it will be for her almost as a son. Although she fails to know, Javier was about to dismiss the hospital due to budget problems that forced him to forego any workers.The resignation of Carlos avoided it.


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