Finally Enough Space – The New MINI As A Sleek Mini Van limited each MINI into a personal mini van with their own touch they have individual MINI drivers. The solution to the mystery question is now strictly individual: how will I make more space in my mini and turn him into a station wagon, which I can use to transport also loads for example the […]

Finanzgericht Munich

Editorial the mainly operational use of cars can be made credible on the subject of ‘Expenses for the cars’ through informal and timely records over a representative period of three months. It is after the final judgment of the Finanzgericht Munich not crucial, whether there is a proper logbook (AZ. 6 K 4619/09). The predominant […]

Troubled Times

There exists a constant threat of disaster. Whether the disaster is man made, such as war or terrorism, or from nature, nursing has always been at the forefront. In the past, nurses were on the battlefield dressing the soldier s wounds and giving emotional support to those whose time was at hand. Additional information is […]