Physical Deficiency

An example is a carrier of physical deficiency that uses chairs of wheels to move itself and rare finds in some schools and companies accessibility for its locomotion, still the spaces are few that possess one politics of accessibility. However this accessibility is not found in jobs of collective transports, therefore we do not have acessibilidades for all. Then people with deficiencies are not found working in another sector not to be of collector, therefore in the company who was observed not she evidenced deficient working in sectors that could be busy, but the look of the employers and the people who still work in the human resources and the department of staff for the act of contract of deficient has a look differentiated in relation to these people. They are few buses adapted, the PPDS (left for deficient), in the south zone of So Paulo According to Pastore (2001), the work is important for the individual and social development of the people, however in relation to the deficient ones still they exist barriers, but removing the many deficient ones would obtain to work. Many activities exist that they can exert beyond its happened limitations of the deficiency, that does not become them incapable, but the society still continue to have the prejudiced look, however the carriers of deficiencies still have a great fight for the front, if the proper society already discriminates the people said ' ' normais' ' , classifying for groups, imagines as he is arduous to try to change this critical look of all. But one knows that it is necessary to change this paradigm of ' ' deficient incapazes' '. Proper the deficient ones in give an overcoming example to them. She was what the proper company of collective transports demonstrated. In its picture of employee it has a collector with physical deficiency, for me the fetal formation, walks with the hands and feet and another one that was observed with the right superior member, that is, the right arm is minor who the left, demonstrating that what valley in this life is to be happy independent of what if has and that many people without organic problems present pictures of depression in the company.