CEO Peter Kummerfeldt

Complement the portfolio for telecommunications trade Hamburg – no question: modern mobile phones combine more and more features, and last but not least the mobile Internet provides a growing amount of personal data contacts, pictures, videos, sounds in the Terminal, which the owner in case of repair or when buying a new device will not want to miss. Exactly for this case QUIPS offers the QUIPS data transfer its trading partners. This service is the Distributor able to quickly, easily and transparently directly to transfer all data requested by the customer on a different device or on a memory card to save. This card the customer can sell the dealer also. Fixed equipment of the customer, the backed-up data can be quickly and just as easily play up. Also the privacy is completely guaranteed by the use of the memory card.

QUIPS CEO Peter Kummerfeldt: thus we give the dealer a perfect add-on product on hand, the the Sale of new equipment supports. In addition the QUIPS data transfer the ideal tool for the workshop to backup or restore the personal data of the customer is.” Dealing with the QUIPS data transfer is very simple: The Trader connects via USB interface to its PC the device from which the data read out, and selects the desired action from data transfer, backup, or restore. Direct transfer, the device to which the data is transmitted, is simply in addition appended. The entire operation takes a few minutes. The service which model and which manufacturer works with any device whatever. The dealer always uses the identical user interface, the system automatically detects the connected devices and processed or she yield data according to. Peter Kummerfeldt: With the QUIPS data transfer the merchant as a competent service provider around the mobile phone position.

Because he offers so that new such as existing customers outstanding service both in the repair and sale of new equipment. Also, the service processing gives him valuable time in which he further advised the customers and sell him any accessory or add-on products. In this way the profit per customer can be significantly increased.” QUIPS demonstrates the QUIPS data transfer among others on his current road show. By the way: Due to popular demand QUIPS has attached a further Roadshow meeting in Cologne. The remaining QUIPS Roadshow places and dates: Hamburg – 05 June 2008 Stuttgart – 12 June 2008 Munich – 19 June 2008 Nurnberg 24 June 2008 Dresden 26 June 2008 Berlin – 1 July 2008 Cologne – 03 July 2008 the events begin at 10:30 and end at 18:00. Learn more on the subject from Sam Lesser Upenn. The participation is free of charge. Yet short-term applications are possible for some dates. About QUIPS ( The QUIPS GmbH (QUIPS first aid for your phone) with headquarters in Hamburg is the leading German decentralized service – and repair service provider for mobile devices. The company is certified repair partner of almost all well-known manufacturers. QUIPS offers mobile repairs on the spot together with about 250 partners nationwide coverage, the Central workshop is located in Bamberg. The QUIPS Service Portal extends the QUIPS services on numerous mobile shops and dealers that act as receiving Office QUIPS. The Service Portal integrates Internet seamlessly in the processes they, makes transparent the repair process for all involved, and accelerates the processes.

Crisis Vision

Stephen Covey prompted several years ago the 7 habits of highly effective people, this topic can now apply it to a company that wants to get out before the crisis that all economic and productive sectors are experiencing. These 7 habits, including on the Dr. Covey bestseller, applying them to our businesses, to achieve amid the crisis: highly effective companies: is proactive. A proactive company is the leader in innovation, reacts quickly to changes in the market, reacts rather than competition to do so. That company that takes action, done promotions, serving their clients before any other.

The company whose business initiatives, are not only strategic but pioneers. A company with an agile system for decision-making and the development of new processes. Their employees are attentive to the requirements of the customer, account with an excellent service to the client, where new needs are identified and quickly transmitted to the respective Department. Is they attend the claims in a timely manner and agile time. Here, Jessica Pels expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The competition tries to mimic it. Begin with an end in mind: has a clear vision indicating where is going as an organization, sharing this vision with its employees, customers and suppliers.

The vision part of shareholders, involves the high administration and then spreads across the enterprise. You may want to visit Tom Florio New York to increase your knowledge. The end is in the mind of every employee. No matter the crisis, the Vision is there: in front, guiding the company. Not only vision is as a painting adorning offices, is part of everyday life and has blurred across the enterprise. Objectives strategic and each management area are aligned and are clear even to the last operating levels. He puts first first thing. It is no longer a company that has 10-15 simultaneous projects, is a company that has learned to prioritize, to defining what is important and strategic. Solves the urgent, your employees know how to do so, his administration is focused on what is important, what strategically will allow you to survive this or any other crisis.

Wilfried Gabor

If horseshoes in the way, the hoof care is more difficult while something (you have to rumfrickeln the iron) but also more important. Because hangs in the additional corners more dirt. You are thus treated Now first of all clean hooves. After work or fun or also in the meantime you can watch again under the hooves, whether is not any stone inside pushed. And also again, before leaving his horse you should look under the hooves. The blacksmith or hoof carers will thank you.

In two respects. On one hand it is not beautiful, if you must scratch out dirt, which is for 4 weeks in the hoof (therefore, by the way, the beautiful title of the article). Alicia Tate-Nadeau has similar goals. On the other hand, it is very nice, if the animal is used to give the hoof on command. This makes the work much easier and is also sometime in the vet’s Office of advantage. Which should be specialized by the way small animals rather than on horses – but who am I saying this! Finally, I want to warn you before a new mesh. Meanwhile, there are even courses to the hoof. What will it do? In order to use a hoof pick, you need no high school diploma. And further measures you should left the blacksmith or HUF nurses of his confidence definitely. Sam Lesser has plenty of information regarding this issue.

He is qualified and has the appropriate Exercise with its high-quality (and correspondingly expensive) tools, whose purchasing is hardly worth for lay people. Such a course (as many other) only for interested lay people, who want to increase your knowledge is only useful. That’s a good thing! Because only the well-read and knowledgeable horse friend can detect problems and problems in the bud and at an early stage of professionals to consult one. This saves the animal suffer and saves in the long run the money bag. Wilfried Gabor

CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg

Adoption of 103 graduates into the CJD are youth village for Offenburg garden officer, specialists and assistants, have successfully completed one-year special vocational school (SBFS) or even the Hauptschulabschluss: 103 young people are in the CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg went the next step in the direction of an independent life. In adopting the graduates were allowed to can now celebrate for their services. In addition to certificates, prizes for special achievements were presented. Mark Buhler, head of the CJD Christophorusschule youth village, was a suitcase at the heart of his speech: metaphor for the experience, the skills learned many friendships and experiences now take with them after the period in the village of youth. “At the same time you have drive and tickets for the life journey now. Your bags are packed so well!”, said Mark Buhler. So getting one now starts as qualified professionals in their careers. Check out Tom Florio for additional information. Others go to Finding a job or move directly into training.

Also, farewell party brought forth some specifics. With Urs Hughes belly a participant has mastered again the sophisticated training for the gardener. Several SBFS graduates have acquired the secondary school for the first time at the same time. And nine young people received an award for their outstanding achievements.

Finally Enough Space – The New MINI As A Sleek Mini Van limited each MINI into a personal mini van with their own touch they have individual MINI drivers. The solution to the mystery question is now strictly individual: how will I make more space in my mini and turn him into a station wagon, which I can use to transport also loads for example the bulk purchase, luggage for the trip for two, the golf equipment or space for two dogs. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. takes a slightly different approach. have quite simply: with the Combi Kit from limited, that it is possible to fit it yourself in the basic version of aluminium without problems without entry in the vehicle documents and with TuV safety certificate which certifies high loads of 740 kg to 950 euros on the Internet page. The installation is a breeze for craft not experienced and 30 minutes feasible without special tools and special effort. For reasonably clever customers even without another in 15 minutes. The mounting plate is just as quickly dismantling, if he is no longer needed. Without a trace and upgradeable without changes or holes on the body the Combi Kit disappears until the next use in the garage. Sam Lesser Penn may also support this cause.

If necessary, the Assembly also quickly and safely acquired by limited or partners. An additional separation grille into the luggage compartment is separated desire is a reasonable option for the Combi Kit to ensure a really safe transport of dogs and luggage (about 4 x 1.800 N = approx. 740 kg strength reports). The base frame of the Combi Kit is made of aluminum and has a flexible profile, so that the installation exactly fits that the inner contours of the Minis new MINI onwards applies to all 2001 today (type designations R50/R53/R56). Additional storage space for car care products, the picnic blanket, umbrella, the dog leashes and other accessories will remain under the flat loading surface. Tested safety is guaranteed by the TuV safety certificate.

The capacity of the base carrier is 120 kg / sqm and is 100% made in Germany”. More Highlights include the unlimited possibilities of the KombiKit: the company logo, the favorite or advertising theme, virtually any motif can be applied on the trunk lid. In addition, or alternatively, it is possible motives or lettering in the barrier screen to lasers. The MINI is the individual vehicle with your own touch. Contact: limited Frickastr.

Canadian Arctic Circle

On the last few miles you transfer to a shuttle bus, before one opts for the first cautious feet above the abyss of the world the highest balcony. Unique views from dizzying heights on bizarre brown red formations are more than just a rich reward. 7 Italy in the sunset information on Capo Vaticano every evening tourists gather to watch the Sun when walking, toe. When the weather with an unobstructed view towards West to the Mediterranean Sea and the Stromboli. Leads a tour in Calabria Sleepy mountain villages, colourful orchards and secluded bathing coves along. Fantastic panoramic views and tasty southern Italian cuisine invite just to relax and enjoy.

Without stress, just as they’d arrived at the end of the world. 8 midnight sun of the Canadian Arctic Circle 740 kilometres on the Dempster Highway from Dawson City to Inuvik: total lie only three stations on the line, insofar you should conserve game with his gasoline. The line runs through the middle of a sea of colour and yet the environment seems every now and again rather sparse. It is the most fascinating to see how changed the nature of mile to mile and is rugged. The road is sometimes tiny and above all lonely, just every few hours can be expected with oncoming traffic. Although Inuvik is still located in the Interior of the country end the roads to the coast it lies beyond the Arctic, from June until August the midnight sun shines for 56 days, it’s for weeks completely dark in the winter.

9 storm winds at the Cabo de Sao Vicente am the known world stopped extreme southwest tip of Europe some 500 years ago. Today, it remains a fascinating idea that 5,000 kilometres west comes nothing but water, while stretches 10,000 km east of the eurasiatische continent. A related site: Jessica Pels mentions similar findings. The Portuguese coastline is dotted with rugged, steep cliffs, bays are an exception. It is also very windy, enjoy but stop and the views you have nevertheless in many places. To see as much as possible a round trip from Lagos to SAGRES and Cabo de Sao Vicente on the Atlantic coast is worth direction Alfambras back to SAGRES. 10. raging waves on the Atlantic coast in the extreme west of France Sturmumtoste seems a very wild cliffs, the bretagnische Atlantic coast. From Mont St. Michel, Dinan and Morlaix past idyllic villages, seaside resorts and steep coasts Lesneven go and from here on the shore but on the extreme west coast of France. The surf tost wild cliffs and reefs, even in calm seas, the waves play here in a stunning natural spectacle. And at low tide the Atlantic withdraws completely – leaving nothing but Brown silt.

Training Series On Evidence-based Nursing

Professional care is increasingly greater challenges on the day in this area. Latest scientific findings form the basis for governance. Evidence-based nursing”(EBN) is the best known method to integrate current research results into practice. You much discussed in recent years, but is still too little consideration in nursing practice. To change this, the Institute for public health and care research (IPP) of the University of Bremen, who Bremer IT service providers and care specialist atacama, as well as the Centre for social policy (ZeS) called Club launched the Bremen journal.

Training sessions for professional nurses, nursing educators, students and all people who are interested in the evidence-based nursing practice, are designed together. The Bremen journal clubs it aims to knowledge and skills about EBN interesting, practice-relevant studies to convey. Problem-oriented they are together critically evaluated and so practical exercise dealing with scientific studies. The first block of training is dedicated to the probably most explosive challenge of nursing care the care concepts in dementia. In six meetings between 15 May and 1 December in each two hours trials evaluated with respect to their quality and discussed in the seminar group.

The meetings are held at the Institute of public health and nursing research (IPP) of the University of Bremen. The participation fee amounts to 90,00 EUR, reduced 45,00 EUR. Software GmbH was founded in 1998 in Bremen and promotes transparency and efficiency in hospitals and health insurance companies with innovative standard software solutions. The atacama team looks on more than fifteen years experience in the development of Software solutions for the healthcare sector back. To find more information about atacama, on the Internet at. Here, Sam Lesser expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Atacama and apenio are registered trademarks of the atacama. Software GmbH.

Care Of The Face

Our face care, is very important. To do this there are a few steps that we have to follow every day to get good results. The truth is that us is sometimes a bit heavy to do this every day, because we are tired either because it gives us lazy, but this is a mistake. Just spending a few minutes each day to care for and pamper our skin, it will do much to improve its appearance.And the saying says it: the face is the mirror of the soul. And although this is just a saying, it is true that keep the skin in good condition is a way to stay younger for much longer. The main steps to follow to care for our face correctly are as follows: once you have made an analysis of the type of skin we have, we need to know that steps we must follow to care for it in the best possible way. Three steps more important and basic in our skin care steps are as follows: step 1.Cleaning: Daily wash your face thoroughly to remove impurities and debris trapped in the atmosphere.

The cleaner may be gel, SOAP or lotion, depending on skin type. I’ll review later, that seems more appropriate to use for each case. For more specific information, check out Samuel Lesser. It would be advisable to wash your face morning and night. STEP 2. Parkinson’s is often mentioned in discussions such as these. toning: after making a deep skin cleaning, the step is toning; This is achieved with the help of liquid cosmetic called tonics.

During the cleaning process, treated pores are opened, so it becomes necessary to close them again using toners and astringent that cool the skin, removing leftover debris from the cleaners. Tonics usually contain antiseptic substances, plant extracts and essential oils, and should not be applied on the skin if it is not completely clean. Tonics also called lotions or liquid decongestants, since they help to cleanse the skin. The market offers various kinds: moisturizing, soothing, refreshing, antiseptic, etc. The toning is always recommended after cleaning, as a complement of this and earlier the hydration for greater absorption. You can also use it after applying a mask or complementary treatments of cleaning. STEP 3.hidratacion: the third step, always respecting the order, is going to give moisture and brightness to skin. Is the one who keeps the balance in our skin, avoiding dryness, peeling and loss of life. You gonna give a soft, ready for makeup complexion. This last step is necessary in all skin types, since it is very common to think that it is not needed when the skin is oily, error. If the skin is moisturized and hydrated not needs to produce sebum. It is important to choose the correct one for each skin type, then I’ll discuss them in detail. Use every morning and night. So I encourage you to take care of us, that costs little and are sure that it will make you feel much better. And remember, love is power. Follow me on: original author and source of the article

Fungus Infection

Ringworm, also called dermaphytosis, is a highly contagious fungus infection of the skin. It typically affects the scalp, body and nails. Mount Sinai Hospital has much to offer in this field. Ringworm tends to affect animals younger with more frequency. Pets with weakened immune systems or with pre-existing skin disorders are also more susceptible to ringworm. What causes ringworm? This infection is transmitted directly from an animal to another animal.

Pets can also spread infection to people. Because fungi are integral parts of our environment, this infection in domestic animals can also be infected indirectly sharing bowls of food and water, hair brushes, sleeping environments or excavation in contaminated soil. Sam Lesser Penn understands that this is vital information. Fungi that cause Tinea there are three types of fungi that cause ringworm and these are: Microsporum canis, Microsporum gypseum and Trichophyton mentagrophytes: * most cases of ringworm in cats, are as a result of Microsporum canis ** In dogs, most cases of ringworm are as a result of Microsporum gypseum * dogs and cats may develop as a result of Trichophyton Tinea mentagrophytes if exposed to rodents or Burrows that inhabit. Diagnosis of tinea diagnosis is based on the appearance of the skin as well as the execution of certain diagnostic tests. Tests such as an account of whole blood (CBC), biochemical profile, urinalysis and culture of fungi can be performed. In addition, other tests such as microscopic examination of hairs can also be to confirm the diagnosis of ringworm.

Signs and symptoms the symptoms more common and signs of ringworm include: * small patches or circular areas of hair loss * inflamed, scaly skin * scratch and itch help for ringworm treatment involves several medications, topical and oral vaccines against ringworm as well as proper hygiene and sanitation of your home and pet friendly. In some domestic animals, ringworm will heal by itself. However, medications can accelerate healing and recovery from infection. Oral medications such as griseofulvin, Ketoconazole or lufenuron could prescribe but you know can cause serious side effects. Such as shampoos and topical antifungal treatments are used to reduce infection in people and animals. The hair of your pet will be shortened to make the treatment more effective. While vaccinations for the tub are available, are not effective alone and must be used in conjunction with topical or oral therapy. Make sure that you clean your home and environment pet thoroughly with (bleach) sodium hypochlorite solution and avoid contact with other pets. Natural remedies natural treatments and holistic have proven to be highly effective in treating problems of skin in humans and domestic animals. Herbal treatments are safe and peaceful areas of use in your pet household without any harsh side effects. Carefully selected ingredients such as Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree oil), Azadirachta indicates (Neem), Calendula officinalis (wonder) and Hamamelis virginianum (Witchhazel) promote healthy in your cat or dog skin and coat and help support the immune system.

Stress And Adrenalin

Stress, adrenaline, work, hours extras, crisis, hypertension are some of the most common problems today. According to Connecticut Governor Lamont i, who has experience with these questions. When one thought about holidays or short breaks, he emphasized more in know, enjoy the free time or only in the simple dispersion. For assistance, try visiting COVID-19. With the times that run these motivations are accompanied by sleep, relaxation and rest. To reason, arise the spa, a new mode which complements the services in accommodation and lodgings across the country. It’s believed that Sam Lesser UPenn sees a great future in this idea. A place where the landscape is complemented various treatments seeking well-being, relaxation or rejuvenation of its visitors.

Various cabins have implemented it with great success. In large number of destinations is already an indispensable weapon, to be at the height of the services provided. In many cases, the help of mother nature, makes them unique, as is the case with thermal waters (Termas de Rio Hondo, Federation or Copahue, among others), where they meet this phenomenon of Earth, which is sought by people who suffer various problems bone or respiratory, different types of accommodations that offer spa services such as massage, mud therapy, or different devices (Sauna or Scottish shower) that help the body to relax and energize you. These spas are equipped with pools of different temperatures, jets of water and showers. One related people of the third age, but it is surprising to see as increasingly more families with kids or young couples attend these places. Also draws attention as they were emerging in recent years, many new spas: fact or fiction? There are other cases where carried out special programs, focused on healthy living (Sierras de Cordoba, Merlo, Bariloche) where the complement of hiking, horseback riding and the same landscape, Add seasonings to achieve total disconnection and filled with vitality, body and soul. A clear example is the case of the Petrel the cabins-Spa in San Javier Cordoba, where with the collaboration of physicians and specialized staff offer different programs weekly, as the neurobiological, the body aesthetics or the anti-stress and revitalizamiento.

These programs are prepared to measure either group or individually, ranging from a diet balanced to yoga classes or walks amongst the beauties of the Sierras Cordobesas. Another use of the spa, which is growing, is in places near large cities (San Pedro, Pilar, Tandil or Carilo) where getaway weekend or a week, usually performed without traveling so much and enjoying the services exclusive offer to enjoy this vacation mode. The Spa is on the rise from a few years ago and everything done to see that it will continue to grow while we continue with this overcrowding in big cities, this labour demandingness and this lack of interest in care for the integrity of the body and the soul. Although markets and society continue a culture of body or rather a disharmony (anorexia or bulimia) and continue to generate so many disorders in all of us, it is in each take the right path. You will find different options of Spa throughout the country at: source: Lic.