As V.I.P. In The High Old

Weiterstadt, July 2009 who has done much to last a lifetime, has best performance in the age. \”Treat yourself to more and more seniors of different service providers, premium service far beyond the standard services of a normal\” care service, individual claims meet. (Not to be confused with Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.!). Some former nurses and […]

Good News For Smokers And Nonsmokers

Vitamin can promote lung health leader in the list of diseases beneficiaries by the modern lifestyle are diseases of the cardio-vascular system and the lungs. It is clear, therefore, that these diseases can be positively affected by a change of lifestyle. So, it is obvious that a weight loss in overweight can reduce the risk […]

New Drug For Severe Hand Eczema

Quick healing process, studies show people with severe hand Dermatitis can now hope for help, reported the private insurance portal. A new drug promises effective healing. It is estimated that ten percent of all adults suffer from Germany hand eczema. In comparison, five to seven percent from a strong chronic disease are affected. The […]

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Plant-based Omega-3 fatty acid ALA may increase success of Chondroprotektiva with increasing age, many people feel increasingly their joints. It’s no longer all so easy. Often they are not as portable, and every movement hurts. To a certain extent, this development is normal and due to the increasing age. But more than that: A pathologically […]