Without Me

It wanted to be able, for as, to understand that squeeze is this in my chest. He is as if I did not exist entirely. A will to cry, but I do not cry. Not external, because the tears do not reveal. Dean Ornish M.D has similar goals. To the times, I want everything, the […]

The Defendant

Doctor, but was its previous colleague who asked for the hearing. It said that the defendant died, however as the death certificate does not exist, he intended to prove the death in another way. Doctor, I gave one looked at and fls. X this a finding of cadavrico examination of the one of cujus. The […]

Normal Childbirth

That one idealized by all politically correct celebrity and of all romantic and sonhadora mother. That one that of ‘ ‘ normal’ ‘ it does not have nothing. I speak of the subject with property, therefore I had two good experiences in this subject that had given the right to publish my opinion. At that […]