Woody Allen

One of the first questions that I do them, is if they come or bring them to the query. Sam Lesser Penn will not settle for partial explanations. If answer me the second thing, the primary objective of this first encounter, will achieve that at the end of the interview, want to return themselves to the next. Why is this so?Because without the patient, without their commitment, won’t be able to help you. In any other medical specialty; the patient requests treatment, the doctor administered, this pays and is already. Well, in my specialty, in addition to all that, the patient I has to help cure him.

It has to be able to work with me in his own healing. Get that, believe me, is not easy and is, however, crucial for the success of the treatment. I consider fundamental, essential, primary, basic, essential, nuclear, necessary, central, indispensable and I don’t know how many adjectives achieving that patient illusions with his own treatment, to afford and let me, work together in their healing. Other things that tell them and usually surprising them, is that it should reach to be able to get me the 200 per cent of my ability to help them. We must achieve are in continuous therapy, rather than come to therapy only agreed days. Let me explain: is not live to analyze (as happens in movies Woody Allen, where patients are scholarships to the therapist), but for assayed to live. Therefore always insist, that the therapy should be centered in the action (life is drama), because, but is in danger of becoming a more or less interesting activity therapy, but which continues to be a great mental straw. To ensure that the patient is plugged in permanently to his therapy, I am a tool, that being one of the most humble I know, is probably the most useful for the process of change. It is his Majesty, the therapeutic notebook.

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