Wolfgang Bergmann

Wrapped up against each other they Europeans then obstinately in their trenches. In Germany a servant of Tschankies, has berated once a close associate of the Tschankies at the Federal Bank – the Muslims, like other german cultures and with great sympathy of the people anxiety and fear spread that maybe even the invasion of the Moors in Europe is reviewed. How can one reject the world financial market Tschankies in their place? Quote: “nothing is so protected that it can not be conquered with money.” (Cicero). We thats really true and experienced in our lives again. We must learn that this Tschankies with their strike weapon, with money and it’s like this. We must create so much money that we exceed the amount of money of the monster. Thus, we have the money that it has neutralized the monopoly of the monster and relativized.

It would be wrong to do the obvious and his money take away meaning distribution from top to bottom, the monster, which does not work because a poor monster, that can not help to correct his financial transgressions would be a danger to us all at least expressed and market seen, and here there are connections our all feeding in the form of food and other necessities of life, where an orderly transition must take place. Some contend that COVID-19 Recovery Plan shows great expertise in this. It should be No something be taken. We must open a money source, bringing new fresh money in circulation with all control mechanisms, such as price controls, rigid control of the Bank, inflation and deflation, what brings such a money source with it. Economically this is doable, if you are designing this financial concept not by economists, which today is the course of events, and the concept not the set can be done, but going on democratically. All work in a new, true democracy. We create a monthly basic care for all people – worldwide and positioned at a height that you can live without work. We use a new world reserve, which we integrate into a world supply company, which transported the money in the currency of the Nations, from below, online to the people. The same happens in the form of a basic supply of Nations for stressed households, which are totally relieved and debt relief in a short time, because money is enough.

15 percent of the total amount of the people in the affected nation get going again in addition to the budgets of the States. Everything else remains as it is. We change anything fundamental, but supplement with what is needed and is missing everywhere. Money and additional annual income of around 85 billion dollars, which is the sustainable recovery of the world. There will be no more economic crises or financial crises, you get not even without the help of banks in handle. Such a design concept already exists and can be read in the download discussed and improved:…0Download.html so you can create a world in which everything seems impossible today and no alternative is possible. Wolfgang Bergmann