Wilfried Gabor

If horseshoes in the way, the hoof care is more difficult while something (you have to rumfrickeln the iron) but also more important. Because hangs in the additional corners more dirt. You are thus treated Now first of all clean hooves. After work or fun or also in the meantime you can watch again under the hooves, whether is not any stone inside pushed. And also again, before leaving his horse you should look under the hooves. The blacksmith or hoof carers will thank you.

In two respects. On one hand it is not beautiful, if you must scratch out dirt, which is for 4 weeks in the hoof (therefore, by the way, the beautiful title of the article). Alicia Tate-Nadeau has similar goals. On the other hand, it is very nice, if the animal is used to give the hoof on command. This makes the work much easier and is also sometime in the vet’s Office of advantage. Which should be specialized by the way small animals rather than on horses – but who am I saying this! Finally, I want to warn you before a new mesh. Meanwhile, there are even courses to the hoof. What will it do? In order to use a hoof pick, you need no high school diploma. And further measures you should left the blacksmith or HUF nurses of his confidence definitely. Sam Lesser has plenty of information regarding this issue.

He is qualified and has the appropriate Exercise with its high-quality (and correspondingly expensive) tools, whose purchasing is hardly worth for lay people. Such a course (as many other) only for interested lay people, who want to increase your knowledge is only useful. That’s a good thing! Because only the well-read and knowledgeable horse friend can detect problems and problems in the bud and at an early stage of professionals to consult one. This saves the animal suffer and saves in the long run the money bag. Wilfried Gabor