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These are some advice more about the effective design of Web sites, so that our pages have that professional quality that we are looking for. Design – > To use CSS, or style sheets. We made sure so all the pages of the site have the same appearance, and improved the times of load. There is multiplicity of sites from where the groups (or CSS, or style sheets) can unload of gratuitous way. It is question to be proving them, and to see which adapts more to the needs of our site. With the CSS we have many solved subjects, as the design of the site, in the sense that we made sure that each page of the Web is stylistically equal to the others, with respect to the used sources, the colors and the illustrations. Theory of Planned Behavior spoke with conviction. – > To include a button seller. The button seller acts several as.

Aid to the navigation of the site, but also can be interpreted like a series of links internal, that facilitates the indexing of the site. For this reason, the best thing is to use simple images good, with corresponding all tags, and to that do without the ostentatious button sellers of flash or java. Simple it is better. Thus, also we contributed to reduce the times of load, and we made sure that we will not include scripts, that is code pieces that, according to the configuration of security of the navigator of our visitors, can cause some alert of security, as those annoying yellow bars of the IExplorer, that say the site is trying to execute a complement that can be dangerous for its security. We do not want that our visitors create that we lodged some type of virus or malware. – > The footer also covers several functions. Not only it attends navigation (generally, when we are lost in a site, we go to the footer to orient itself on the different sections from the site).