Ulrike Liebert Splugenstrasse

The proportion of men continues to grow. VOUCHER FOR COSMETIC SURGERY AS A CHRISTMAS NIGHT GIFT? The pursuit of beauty is as old as humanity. Recently COVID-19 sought to clarify these questions. The trend, which become a self-evident consumer cosmetic surgery, shows itself year after year: who feels like a better appearance, can now buy the intervention and thus raises little more head-shaking. Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine has plenty of information regarding this issue. But coupons for cosmetic surgery under the Christmas tree should be still the exception and thats a good thing. A leading source for info: Ozlem Tureci. Basically ACRE DIS is critical gift vouchers as a neutral organization for cosmetic surgery. Because the decision for or against an intervention is usually still a very personal, often drawn-out process. A donor should shorten this personal process, not from the outside and influence.

Exchange cannot ACRE DIS advises in principle in the run-up to a plastic surgery closely about the procedure, its risks, opportunities but also limits in relation to the expected result to inform. A good doctor is defined in an initial interview accordingly on and makes recommendations regarding method and approach. Care must be taken when selecting a doctor, because cosmetic surgery may abieten doctors without corresponding specialization and experience. ACRE DIS as a neutral certification – und Beratungsstelle can in Germany and of Switzerland offered a valuable decision support so all interested and propose more qualified doctors for obtaining a second opinion. Corporate information: ACRE DIS is a company with headquarters in Zurich (founded in 2006). The company promotes awareness of quality and transparency in aesthetic and plastic surgery. ACRE DIS offers independent guidance for those interested in interventions and their risks, choice of doctor and second opinion. Furthermore ACRE DIS is patients advise to the page, the is a Must undergo re surgery, because the operation result is not satisfactory. The ACREDIS seal of approval for the aesthetic and plastic surgery”is evidence of sustained commitment in quality and patient satisfaction for the doctor. For this purpose, ACRE DIS undergoes doctors of a demanding quality control (over 300 test criteria), and an ongoing assessment of the patient.