The words when I throw them to the wind or you arrive and guards are lost and therefore your silence. My wishes are misplaced when you not included or is just your pride you don’t see them. Signals that leo’s your soul, far away are endless clouds that I realized anything, I hope that today and better tomorrow, none of them need to interpret them. Your image recorded on a piece of paper, tells me both of you, that I do not require reading. You may find that Professor Nigel Dunnett can contribute to your knowledge. You’re falling you for the voice of a poet, the echo of a verse that awakens your friendship. Take the time of flight of a butterfly to make discover the truth in it. Man sings calling your partner and sometimes crying reaches him another one. Perseverance, never I realized this, but now feel it and appreciate it.

When a woman wants or desires something with fervor, it is ready to everything, bites its prey and not releasing, it cares for every day, every moment, monitors and feeds her with what you have; and may be his gaze, his voice, his image, his affection and even defends himself with each and every one of his memories. Sometimes doubts of the road ahead, but I wonder who has not feared what will happen, the experience of finding in the desired location, stuff some that may, or may not be what we expect, no doubt they are which will give pleasure to what was found. Roads that were made by others and found on the side, never reflect what you really crave can any time you find in other arms, your hands hold on him, your stare to see it and until you talk to him. What my life is not possible is to stop looking at me, that my distant mouth stop calling you, and you with cravings of wanting me to bite and, between laughs, tears and fears, between what you want and you must have, is my memory that achieves the charm, bring you into my arms again are aware that the senses can be deceived.

Last Modified on June 6, 2022
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