The Living

“Quality as fourth style in 2010 is the quality to name a few, also under the concept of the discipline” can be found. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Maggie Crotty. Pieces of furniture that are useless or even games have basically no place on quality. It only those pieces of furniture in the room are placed therefore first and foremost, that are actually being used in everyday life. These are of course nurtured and maintained, and used often for many years. There therefore no opulent forms, but rather slim, simple constructions, in this style which also the existing space can be used very well. Often spoken also a harking back to the Bauhaus.

Above all natural products are used as materials. Wood and leather dominate it therefore first and foremost, but also ceramic and woven fabrics find applications. Also, the rather strict furniture be lightened through the use of a mix of colors. Used be but rather muted colors like some dusky pink, black green tea-Brown or lavender grey. Black and white are also trend as already in the past few years dominate in the living room and furniture trends 2010 remain the colours black and white. They are used not only in the living areas, but also in offices and work rooms very much.

Functionality is often combined with this style with extravagant interior design, there are no limits to the imagination. The colours black and white are only the basis of the Setup in this style. So the furniture pieces can either completely in black be, turn black and white combine perfectly. The surfaces can either smooth, but also rough and woolly surfaces are possible. So this entire decor has a sober and cool, color games are used about the lighting. This includes hanging and floor lamps are used, can also LED spots in different colors provide lots and an eye-catcher. Measuring impressions get a new facility is planned, can consult extensively on the new trends of the year interested at the various furniture exhibitions. There, designers present their creations, at the same time tried and tested with new surfaces or new accents can be found on these fairs. But various portals, containing information about the living and furniture trends 2010 can be found not only on knives, also on the Internet. Here you can get also an impression, often the sight of pieces of furniture, even in 3D is possible.