The Defendant

Doctor, but was its previous colleague who asked for the hearing. It said that the defendant died, however as the death certificate does not exist, he intended to prove the death in another way. Doctor, I gave one looked at and fls. X this a finding of cadavrico examination of the one of cujus. The qualification of the deceased this correct and cause death were a mount of project in the head. This signed by two medical legal experts.

For me this document is better of what the death certificate, has more wealth of details. Beyond more, if to make you this hearing goes to finish entering in a book of anecdotes judiciary it. It goes there. It asks to the grave-digger if it is truth that it lowered to the deep one of ditch Y, in squares Z, the body of the defendant. It is well probable that it goes to speak that embeds as much people that it does not know who embedded. If it did not know the deceased, Mrs.

asks if it asked for the identity, why it can have embedded the wrong deceased. What I make? He extinguishes this process and he orders for the archive, I answered. the death certificate? It looks at! If the finding of cadavrico examination not test Mrs. who the goat this deceased, the solution is the female judge to forward the warrant of arrest and to order the officer of justice behind it. I go to give the address of endeavours: Local cemetary, squares Z, ditch Y.

Last Modified on January 3, 2022
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