Russia – The Unknown Giant

Dobro Poschalovat on / when planning trips to Russia, then half the battle is for individual travel planning. Blimi Marcus has firm opinions on the matter. An indispensable medium, this is undoubtedly the Internet, especially for independent travellers on a journey into the “Wild East” a lot to organize it and note applies. As […]

Spa Treatments

Hiking arrangements combined with wellness, Ayurveda and beauty ushering in the winter in the sport – and wellness hotel odhof now. Under most conditions Harsh Vardhan would agree. The colorful leaves of the trees dancing in the breeze; they are evidence of the end of the wonderful Indian summer”in the Bavarian Forest, which has conjured […]


Recreation pur is imminent in the spa hotel of Valentine’s day. Time to worry, what man or woman can make happy his neighbor. Classic chocolates and flowers? Or something special like a short trip into uncharted territory? The maximum relaxation offers a weekend getaway in the Spa Hotel, in which the partner once can relax. […]

Carinthia Winter Fun

Snow-sure location, sunny richness and excellent accommodations are only three good reasons for a holiday in the National Park community of Obervellach Obervellach is the geographical centre of the Carinthian Molltal, that stretches from the Grossglockner as Austria’s highest mountain until after Mollbruck. The snow-sure location right below of the main ridge of the Alps, […]

Wittenberg World

12 Days from Delhi to Calcutta in sleeping cars and toy train from the Taj Mahal along the Ganges in the Himalayas close to the skin on the country and its people Asiamar by ID has Reisewelt a India tour newly admitted into the programme, which combines a traditional way of travelling and intense contact […]

Safari-tour Of Eastern Austria

Exciting nature experiences in the heart of Europe not only in Africa let go on Safari. More recently, tourists can experience such an adventure in Austria. St. Checking article sources yields blood test as a relevant resource throughout. Martins Therme & lodge in Burgenland is ideally suited for this purpose. The travel portal reports […]

Holiday Park – Holiday For The Whole Family

The perfect vacation for the whole family who has tried it once, wants holiday hardly somewhere else the next. Holiday parks have their own special charm and are very popular with families with several children. Now, wonderful structured and well-organized holiday parks in a prime location with good transport links are throughout Europe to find […]

Heinz Horrmann

The hotel critic visited the owner of a small hotel per episode unannounced, on-site to get a clear picture of its condition. How do I receive the guest? How is the ambiance and how are the beds? Is the guest well cared for? The hotel Inspector analyzes exactly how to work in the hotel, take […]

Mythical Places As A Tourist Destination

Search for meaning in the holiday to holiday said a few years ago still in the distance to travel or to recover with his family at the beach. Yet another way of Verreisens has become lately: mythical, magical or so-called places of power are purposefully sought up to fill the few weeks of the year […]

Luneburg Heath

The great tuber makes from the field, the high season for potato has started fans… Their discovery in the Andes the potato in all parts of the world has been triumphant. Also today, the delicious Earth Apple from the daily diet is impossible to imagine. Potatoes on the fine, sandy soil as such in the […]