Philipp Matthaus Hahn

I predicted the ubiquitous computer many years ago: not much bigger than a credit card, far more powerful than today’s fastest computers, attached with high transfer speed on worldwide computer networks with all its information and services, incorporating in the properties of a computer, a screen phone, a radio and television set, a video and […]

Over Europe

Timetable information system HAFAS by HCon moves users from 15 countries to Hannover Hannover, 02.04.2009 – millions of commuters from all over Europe with the mouse the best route to their destination will find per hour. Others on station signs, find your connection or trust for their daily commute to work on their Taschenfahrplan. Who […]

Thomas Muszakiewicz

About xt: Commerce ( the xt: Commerce GmbH is a developer and supplier of one of the world’s leading Shop software systems. In 2003 the well-known brand software enjoyed xt: Commerce 3.0 of global dissemination. More than 100,000 online stores, which currently can be found in the Internet, are based directly and modified on the […]