Spending is out – experience is in! -Geocaching is the new team game! Geocaching is a common hobby of my friend and me, we have now just over a year. While the aim is finding hidden plastic boxes, so-called Petlings magnetic containers and much more in all imaginable shapes and sizes in some unusual places […]

ZDF Film

The ZDF film “Tipple is nich – seven views of the Ruhr area” showing 7 episodes from the Ruhr area – look 7 by Anna Wahle: the Andes of the Ruhr area ‘ with the lamas from Beate splendor with the Ruhr. 2010 – kick off celebrations also Bill had is not seven views of […]


Great swimwear survey of Gilda and Hamburg, 02 August – even if the summer still to wait and his most beautiful face shows only occasionally, over 1000 readers with enthusiasm on the online survey commissioned by Gilda have “who is this year’s number 1 on the beach: bikini or swimsuit?” crashed. The winner […]