Can We Shape The Future?

The forecasts of the science for the future are not encouraging. The extent of destruction on the land, in the sea and in the air is big, unimaginably big. “The mechanisms that have led to this destruction and continue every day, seem so untouchable, as immutable, that many think: what can I do as a […]

Wilfried Gabor

If horseshoes in the way, the hoof care is more difficult while something (you have to rumfrickeln the iron) but also more important. Because hangs in the additional corners more dirt. You are thus treated Now first of all clean hooves. After work or fun or also in the meantime you can watch again under […]


They are already on the road since the early hours of the morning, in the evening they return from home alone in the stall. Further behind the donkey grazing you can see the olive trees arranged in terraces. The 160 olive trees belong to his estate. Here with me there is no chemical sprays, everything […]