Stripping Furniture

If we have decided that a piece of furniture needs to be pickled, there are several methods to do so as the sanding, apply heat or with pieces of glass that frankly I don’t recommend. If the Cabinet to restore has true value, these methods so drastic that insurance would damage the patina of our furniture are not recommended. OS I recommend using heavy gloves, pickling gel of any brand and steel wool. Click Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. for additional related pages. Finer steel wool it less firefighting surface, but the work will be more cumbersome. A steel wool intermediate so is ideal for stripping. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta may also support this cause. Recommend you protect yourself with gloves and goggles because the paint stripper is very irritating.

If by accident you splashed paint stripper to the eyes or skin, lightens you with cold water until the itching subsides. Take a bit of paint stripper into a bowl and with a cerdas(el nylon se funde) brush extend it across the surface. It is easier to do it by zones, for example the front of a drawer or a comfortable cap, or the side of the same. We hope a little, leaving Act to the product. Now we cut with the tijeras(nunca con) hands!) a piece of steel wool and rub it on the surface with force, by dragging the paint stripper with any dirt and old varnish or waxes, until it appears clean and polished wood. Repeat until all the furniture look clean, without varnish or waxes and in its natural colour.