Songs Of Lemuria – Footprints On The Moon

By null on place three of the Hey music listener charts Michaela Laubach in the vocals, Corinna Sollner on piano, Michael Krayer cello: the project is called “Songs of Lemuria”, the recent album “Deep” and the latest single “Footprints on the Moon”. The single newly recorded by producer Jorg Sieghart “Footprints on the Moon” specifically for the radio surged late March on 3rd place of the Hey music listener charts by radio Berlin 88,8 directly after her release, keeps for 2 weeks now there. The song is a true gem: mysterious dark, magical beautiful and overwhelming rousing sounds – voice-producing a mystical and yet harmonious combination of piano, cello and a goose bumps. Veteran pianist found in modern orchestral arranged melodies and forming a neo classical masterpiece that offers an unforgettable listening experience for his audience. With starring roles in the musicals “Phantom of the Opera”, “Westside story” and “my fair Lady” you convinced Michaela Laubach Audience. The crossover project “Songs of Lemuria”, which she founded together with Nik page, is new evidence of their musical professionalism. A virtuoso oeuvre d’art was made with “Footprints on the Moon”, in which she manages to pull the listener with a stunningly diverse voice captivated. The jump in the listener charts is only desirable so the well-deserved recognition on the part of the audience and a further development in this direction….