Schungite Paradise

Shungite Egyptian pyramids shungit ointment, tampons Shungite, shungit dirt, water filters, bath lotion, concentrated shungit water “Rosa”, schungite belt, rug, beads, mineralizers, Take amulets Shungite on exams, an appointment with the dentist, brick walls of houses shungite outside and finished interiors of rooms. Dorsal plate – from sciatica, reading the pyramid – a lifeline to the pathogen Sea purification of the total, including bacteria. “Species have excellent sorption, catalytic and antibacterial properties (shelf life before the operation – 4 years).” Shungite heals, saves, purifies, gives wealth, rejuvenates, a guide to the subtle world. If you would like to know more then you should visit Douglas Elliman. Shungite not crippling, does not pollute, not old, not an object of worship, does not prevent the flow of the political process, not radioactive. Truth to tell, from the countless material on schungite in literature and on the Internet I could not really find any serious scientific evidence confirming the extraordinary properties of shungite. In some cases, on the contrary, scientific studies refute the information contained in promotional materials.

But by analyzing the articles on the healing properties of schungite, I have found many inconsistencies, illogic and simply absurdities that result is simply impossible because of their quantity. This is due to the fact that these materials are written in a given scheme (evidence of miraculous healings – a brief “scientific” basis – a brief history of hints at the wisdom of the ancestors – instruction – address and name of the trading organization) people who are not well versed in the subject, but very hurry to launch the product. Belief in the goods is present, obstacles are not noticed, the goal is defined, for the work, comrades …. To cite just one example of conflicting information about shungit.