San Martin

30 of the Pan-American North from the bridge Dona Josefina, someone spotted that he had exited the sea of Ancon and window and began to hear voices the sea the sea tsunami! MAREMOTOOOOO!, people already did not know where to run and made it onto the hills!!they abandoned their homes and left at the mercy of thieves do Rateros? who think of stealing at the moment of unspeakable panic, Pedrito ran and ran, as well as all the staff’s health, amid falling and tripping, he ran but towards the bus stops and collective, he crossed the pedestrian bridges, empty alleys, abandoned homes and reached the junction with zapallal, people still praying and pleading, he had never heard, nor seen so many prayers and brotherhoodsarcastically he thought – that rather than have these earthquakes, humanity humanizes it! but again panicking voices began shouting fire, fire!, multiple posts, originating, had fallen fogonzos and blackouts, Earth slowly stopped shaking, was reassuring, as if they had injected valium and Pedrito ran towards the collective moved where, burly passengers it constantly, until he got to sit in one of them, the chauffeur tripled the value of passage Lords ticket costs 20 soles! Queee? Who will not be low please nobody Bass, Pedrito thought about so many things, the brotherhood, prayers, supplications but suddenly the Earth stopped shaking and brotherhood, prayers, hugs, forgiveness and so many values ended up also! Meanwhile the Group progressed from Zapallal, crossing, Pro, independence, Los Olivos, San Martin, plaza Ramon Castilla, noting chaos, power outages by areas, absence of policemen, serene, people running down the crosses with the Pan-American Highway, crowded bus stops of people until finally reached Pedrito Plaza 2 de Mayo, was with the lights off, the whereabouts to commas next to public normally full bathrooms of were people-now oversaturated about terrified peopleanxious about reaching their houses, people willing to anything to achieve a place in the few vans that circulated, to cross the Avenue a. . . Sam Lesser pursues this goal as well.

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