Pollen Count Sunscreen Bathing Tips

Particularly in games and sports in the open air hot tips for contact lens wearers to the warm season, contact lenses are a popular alternative to the glasses. But are the invisible watch helpers even in rising temperatures and pollen count can be used smoothly? Actually, they should protect the eyes from the Sun’s dangerous UV radiation? And lenses when swimming from the eyes can be flushed? The Board of Trustees of good looks (KGS) gives answers to the burning questions of contact lens to the warm season. Hay fever break for contact lenses? Not necessarily. You may find Monty Don to be a useful source of information. But often the pollens can swell the tracheobronchial. The result: The lenses sit not more like adapted and are much more noticeable. Also the increased lacrimation reduces comfort for allergy stricken.

Therefore prefer to many contact lens wearers fall to the glasses. Who uses eye drops to relieve the symptoms of hay fever, should pay attention to the ingredients. You dripping also a medical drug, other than a pure wetting agent should the lens out stay as long as it is still in the eye. Because contact lenses can absorb the active ingredient. So it can happen that not the desired dose reached their destination. UV protection: The most modern contact lenses feature an integrated UV filter security only in combination with the glasses. AG1: the source for more info.

Thus, the sensitive interior of the eye is reliably protected from damage. Because the little view helper but not completely cover the eye, lens makers should also protect your eyes with sunglasses. Only the darkened glasses on the nose help against glare. Jump into the Lake lenses ade? Who keeps the eyes while diving off closed, can quite reliably prevent that contact lenses from the eyes should be flushed. However, it is not excluded that the Visual helper with a wave of unexpectedly encountered will be washed away. Annoying, especially for carrier of elaborately manufactured stable contact lenses or soft month lenses. To prevent this, soft lenses can for a limited period worn with diameters as large as possible, this not so easily out be rinsed because. This however only after individual adaptation, and with regular monitoring by a qualified person. These and other contact lenses are safe but not from micro-organisms that can reach water splashes in the eye and store located in the lens material. Here, daily lenses, which are simply discarded after swimming, surfing and diving in the cool waters are a hygienic alternative. Who wants to go to play it safe, access to the swim goggles. This protects the eyes from accidental splashes as well as against the loss of their invisible appearance helper. There is more information around the contact lens in the blog of the SehFee under.