Now call up a Web page to your topic: to collect text and images on the fly, arranged the window of OneNote and the browser side by side. Select the desired text or image on the Web page. Then, you drag the item mouse click on an empty space in the OneNote window. OneNote displays not only the contents, but also the Web address to again call. Arrange your information collected now: to change the size of the note boxes, drag the mouse to the right edge of the box, until the handle arrow is visible. Drag, resize or enlarge the frame. To do this, click the top edge of a note, she can be gradually move the mouse button.

Trick: In addition press ALT text boxes can be also millimetre place. Nice additional feature: encounter a date you want to remember in their collection, can pass it directly to the Outlook calendar reminder: highlight all the information about the appointment in OneNote, and then use the key combination ALT + SHIFT + A. automatically, Outlook creates a new appointment from the OneNote Guide. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Chuck Carroll. Office-tip in a box # 4: Excel 2007 remember me! Nothing is more embarrassing than forgetting a birthday related people! So that this doesn’t happen to you, you save all birth, wedding, and anniversary days preferably in a single document. Capture a birthday list with names, birth dates and E-Mail addresses in Excel 2007 quickly and update them if necessary. When the time comes, start Outlook 2007 directly from the list and send your greetings in a timely manner. Type the names, birth dates and the respective Excel first E-Mail addresses. Now ascending to sort the list by date. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Sam Less UPenn.

For this select the entries in the table. “” Then click on the main menu data “and sorting”. “” Then choose “The date column in the example is called birthday” in the menu to sort after. Confirm by clicking on OK”. “To rake out who at the present time how old is practical if round birthdays are to use the command: = DATEDIF.” In a row with name entry, select a free cell, and enter the formula = DATEDIF (C2;HEUTE();”Y “). C2 “is the cell in which the date of birth is in the example. Then click Excel the present age once in the table already calculated. To copy the formula for the other entries: click the cell with the already calculated age, press the keys CTRL + C. Mark then with the mouse the cells including and then type CTRL + V. Now you see all ages. With the ESC-key pick up the copy command. You want to quickly enter the current date which is updated at each call to Excel? Then, insert a new column, and there enter the formula in a cell =HEUTE(). The current date appears automatically. If necessary, you can copy the formula back in more rows. Now, to write the birthday mail in Outlook, click on an email address in the Excel list. The Outlook mail window opens. Enter a subject and write your congratulations. “To beautify an HTML email, you can clicks on options in Outlook 2007” and designs “choose colors, fonts, and effects.