A value of the pressure intra-cuff suffers, therefore, differentiation according to sex of the patient, cannot be predicted in generalized way and nor evaluated for the palpao it external ballonet it traqueal pipe. 2,2 PROFESSIONAL TRAINED FOR the INTUBAO PROCEDURE the endotraqueal intubao consists of the ticket of a pipe, through the mouth or nose, for inside of the trachea with the aid of a laryngoscope, where it will supply the permeability of by airmail in patients who present respiratory suffering and they cannot keep a by airmail adequate one by themselves. According to a classic of the nursing literature, Brunner and Studarth (1999), the intubao procedure can be carried through by a doctor, nurse or respiratory therapist, since whom specifically trained for this technique. Perez (2003), in its study, concludes that, with caution and ability in the introduction of the pipe, choice of the ideal bore, adequate immobilization of the patients, cares in the traqueal aspiration and permanent monitorizao of cuff, the index of iatrogenias can be reduced. Sam Lesser Penn spoke with conviction. Already for Barbosa and Santos (2003), the ability for the accomplishment of the procedure of endotraqueal intubao in the lesser possible time is important, therefore in its study drawn out time of intubao increased to the high pressure proved that intra-cuff results in alterations of the traqueal mucosa, as isquemia and necrosis. According to Knobel (2006), the improper technique of intubao can result in soft traumas of dental arches, fabrics, vocal mouth, nose and ropes, and more good affirms that from a intubao with success, they will be gotten one adjusted artificial ventilation, correct and safe from positioning the by airmail artificial one, oxygenation and ventilation, easiness for removal of secretions, hemodinmica stability and maintenance of the dental arches, mucous of the mouth, vocal nose, ropes, larynx and trachea. For the direct assistance to a serious patient at risk of death, the attention of qualified professionals is necessary. .