Natural Bodybuilding

Friday. Two series of suspension of Chin with weighs. Do 12 repetitions and 10 repetitions. Two series of lizards with weighs. Do 12 repetitions and 10 repetitions.

Two series of Insert weights. Do 12 repetitions and 10 repetitions. Two series of folds and lateral uprisings. Do 12 repetitions and 10 repetitions. Make a preheating or until entering the main series, while using more or less 50%, then 75% of their weights of work. For example, if you work with 90 kilos the cunclillas during their main series, you have to heat doing 8 repetitions with 45 kilos, and then 4 repetitions of 68 kilograms. You should feel the warming to enter their work series.

If not, then you should do 2 or 3 repetitions more closer to the working weight. In the example, you would do 3 repetitions with 79 kilos. It is important to feel that do fail the forces in the series. When I tell him to do series of 20, 15 and 12, means that the maximum weight that you can endure make them that particular number of repetitions. Limit your workout to 50 minutes. Studies have shown that after that, your muscles begin to crumble too fast. Give him two or three minutes between each series to recover, but remember that d want to satisfy all their exercises within the limit 50 minutes. Immediately after your workout, consume a mixture of proteins and carbohydrates. This stops the formation of lactic acid generated by lifting weights and changes in your body toward the generation of muscle mass. The training that I’ve profiled is directed toward muscle growth. If you want to give emphasis to the force, then half of the repetitions. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, you have to do work cardiovascular if you need to lose body fat. I recommend making a high intensity interval training. High intensity interval training, is short but intense, and studies have shown that it is more effective than the training of moderate intensity. Moderate training consists of activities like jogging for half an hour, etc. (the intervals of high intensity training) lasts 10 minutes, but makes you switch between running at full speed for one minute and jogging slowly for another minute, alternating from one side to another until the 10 minutes pass. Although it is much more short to moderate intensity cardiovascular training, are definitely going to feel it. Finally, watch your diet. A popular saying among serious bodybuilders reza, the muscle is built in the kitchen, not in the gym. To build muscle, your body needs approximately a gram of protein per pound of weight every day. Well, the sources are meat, chicken, walnuts, tuna, and whey protein powder. Frequently, eat smaller portions rather than large three big meals a day. This ensures that your body has enough protein for protein synthesis within their muscles. Eat clean and healthy calories. Avoid fats. (Look for partially hydrogenated oils and reducing ingredients labels). Avoid junk food as sodas, fried foods, and white breads. Carbides. They are not bad if same you need are correct and complex carbohydrates, such as those found in oats, whole wheat flour or wheat bread, fresh vegetables and fruit. Avoid the starches. Finally, be sure to drink plenty of fluids, since your muscles are mainly water.