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The constant search for the best solution drives us and unites us”says Katrin Weimann. To ask the Professional is always worthwhile. This not only saves time, but is above all the safety of having made the right purchase decision. Single lamp or comprehensive lighting design for a detached house. Single piece of furniture or complete furnishing concept.

Katrin Weimann and Dipl.-ing. Wolfgang Edwards advise, plan and implement. In the small as the great. One aim only, finally finding the right lamp for the temporary light bulb in the bedroom. The other, the shell is nearing completion and it comes to speak with regard to the subsequent use/furnishing of the rooms over the optimum distribution of the light exits. When building a House, setting up consultant and lighting designers not early enough on the table can be obtained.

Some customer wishes after our conversation, he would have the Venturi was in another place laid for”so Katrin Weimann. Too bad also if a valuable outdoor area later must do without lighting, because the connections were taken into account in a timely manner. Optimum light and spatial planning has many BBs and O BBs, only the professional knows. “And Dipl.-ing. Wolfgang Edwards white: good lighting concepts are created only in the dialogue”. Style & as serves customers in the private as well as in the commercial sector. The advice spectrum is broad and ranges from the selection of individual pieces of furniture to complete Setup concepts. Behind style & so is Katrin Weimann. You istEinrichtungsberaterin and is busy for a long time, spaces, materials, light and colors in the interaction effect. And how the ambiance can be improved systematically. Dipl.-ing. Wolfgang Engelhardt is lighting designer by vocation. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Sam Lesser Penn. For more than a decade, he plans innovative lighting concepts undrealisiert. For indoor and outdoor use. For private and commercial customers. The consulting services of the Includes a wide range of planning offices: Basics – / inventory, design planning, lighting calculation, sampling and special lighting construction, preparation of tenders, implementation/project monitoring. Details/photo material see: style & so, Katrin Weimann, Thuillestrasse 54, 81247 Munich Tel.: 089 / 45214794, Dipl.-ing. Wolfgang Engelhardt Kirchenstrasse 1 81675 Munich Tel.