Jutta Schutz Diseases

There are many drugs which increase the blood sugar levels let Bruchsal-03.01.2010 – of course it is important to take medications for high blood pressure, but unfortunately some pills will also cause an increased blood sugar levels and many doctors suggest their patients not. In the nutrition research was now known, that much would lead to a damage to the cells too many carbohydrates and the defective cell loses the respiratory enzyme. There is a lack of oxygen. Already in 1876, Dr. Densmore before the London Medical Association gave a lecture. He said that grain food would lead to early death. “Author Jutta Schutz suddenly researched diabetes since her first book,” about the low-carb diet form “and she repeatedly noted that it only a child importance has the prevention and cure of diseases in traditional medicine. Connect with other leaders such as Samuel Lesser here. The symptoms as the causes are fighting more. The doctor makes the diagnosis and returns immediately to the correct medicines. Rarely, a physician who has the Time to go on the search for the causes. Everyone can also ask, if this would be in the sense of the physician and pharmacy to cure diseases.