Irina Boiko

People are so far apart that their attacks in any case not zadenut enemy. In general, the lack of discipline. Still, the order in the classroom should be. And then all run in a break between exercises yell at the hall, play volleyball with Ball during the workout. All schools kapueyry most involved – students or young people.

But the discipline of the lesson depends on the coach. Additional information is available at Sam Lesser. And, recently, due to high popularity – the crowded hall. Group Nicholas Kotelentsa My overall impression – in training are all very messy. Many people in the audience. Individual approach is not. Newcomers first show the basic exercises separately. A then, you long rassusolivat how and what to do, will not.

Also, I personally, uncomfortable ride on ul.. Another group of Igor Vetrinsky not go, because not satisfied with the workout – at 9 pm. Training at night looking, I think not very useful. Yes and go to sleep soon after that did not happen. Grupo Axe Capoeira Go to this school for many a very negative attitude. There is an opinion that they are very arrogant and closed. I talked with a few guys out there who are engaged no such notice. But I definitely did not like the head coach of the school, Irina Boiko. The ratio of the group as a herd, it feels easy contempt for all and a desire from all shovel loot. About the closure of schools, I was distasteful to such a moment: in order to walk in the senior group, you must have the school zone.